About Us

RJI was formed in 1986 with a goal of creating an organization focused on providing the highest level of talent acquisition and strategic human resource services available in the market. Our principals, Ronald J. DiCamillo of our New York office and John C. Elges of our Austin office, conceived of and realized a boutique firm built on the principle of creating a partnership with each client. Through partnership, RJI has become an integral part of each of our client’s executive decision making team. Through this connection, we are able to deliver highly focused options  with the insight of internal members, but with the clarity available only to outside resources.

Since our inception, when RJI accepts an assignment, we commit all our expertise and all of our resources to our client — always declining direct competitors. Our service is anchored by the trust between RJI and our clients. Absolute confidence in all matters is jealously guarded, with each client’s best and highest interest in mind.