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With over 20 years of success as retained executive search consultants, it should come as no surprise that our approach to identifying and screening experts is very similar to the process we use in recruiting passive candidates from our client’s competitors.

Our process normally begins when we are contacted by our client with a request for an expert in regards to a specific litigation case. We then review all applicable documents and information regarding the case in order to assess the necessary resources for developing a candidate pool.

We then begin initial contact with a wide range of potential candidates allowing us to evaluate and tighten our focus in identifying the best group of possible experts. By maintaining open lines of client communication designed to refine candidate guidelines, we are able to establish a targeted “short list” of possibilities. These potential candidates are then contacted again by phone. Each interested candidate is screened through an initial interview. Each possible expert is then requested to provide written information regarding technical qualifications, experience, background, personal qualities, strengths and weaknesses.

In partnership with our client, we then present candidate descriptions for review and selection. From the generated list, several are selected for personal interview. The client then requests that one or more of the best candidates be retained. Trial Search then produces the appropriate contracts and the chosen expert begins his or her work.