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Battle for control of a billion dollar publicly held company.

One hundred million dollar property insurance dispute between a commercial insured and its insurer.

Claim involving deceptive marketing and advertising practices concerning a product with hundreds of millions in sales.

Dispute over the investment practices of a failed Life Insurance company.

Claim involving deceptive gasoline marketing and advertising practices by three oil companies.

Defense of a major U.S. shipping company on repetitive motion syndrome design claims.

One hundred million dollar-plus dispute over the efficacy of an engine lubricant.

Claim of liability of an FDA approved drug for a multi-million dollar drug company.

Dispute over the management and sale of a multi-million dollar land trust.

Claim regarding suitability of securities investment in high yield Jumbo Certificates of Deposits.

Valuation of an investment in an equipment leasing company’s bankruptcy and re-organization.

A State Public Utilities claim of environmental pollution by a major steel manufacturing company.

A Patent infringement case regarding a national dietary supplement.

Dispute between an insurance company and the claim of over-billing by its adjusters.

Claim over the design and use of a defective automobile component by one of the big three car manufacturers.

Dispute over the value of a large medical company’s potential public net worth.