Leadership Development

RJ Industries leadership development process pinpoints opportunities to capitalize on strengths and identifies opportunities for professional growth. Through diagnostics and group/individual learning techniques, the RJI method increases self-awareness and professional effectiveness. Successful leaders possess organizational influence that extends far beyond their limits of position or title. The ability to leverage that influence for the benefit of individuals, teams and organizations is one of the most powerful leadership skills. Through the RJ Industries development process, a highly successful leader is uniquely able to effect change, inspire effort and enthusiasm, and establish a unity of purpose that can exponentially accelerate results. For long-term success, leaders will:

  • Acquire and demonstrate both technical and behavioral competencies

  • Understand how to adapt, balance and apply them situationally

  • Practice effective self-management

  • Successful management of interpersonal relationships, of teams and of networks

  • Encompass a variety of roles that leverage capabilities and personal qualities

  • Show strength and balance in situations of responsibility, visibility and organizational consequence

    The RJ Industries approach employs an array of learning experiences designed to help leaders create positive outcomes at all levels of the organization and among people in all spheres of business endeavor. RJI can help your organization unlock that hidden potential and discover the breakthrough results that are waiting beneath the surface.