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Confidential | No Fee Until Expert is Retained | All Experts Professionally Pre-Screened

The greatest asset of any organization is its people; and the greatest advantage is the right people. When the stakes of litigation require the expertise of a skilled professional, RJI Experts consistently delivers this powerful advantage.

As search professionals, we pride ourselves on finding the best candidates in the shortest possible time. RJI Experts provides expert witnesses with the qualifications, credibility and presentation skills necessary to help you achieve your litigation objectives.

Our sole purpose is providing the legal profession with the finest experts available for complex commercial or corporate litigation. Our search and selection process is designed to provide you with experts wielding the exact qualifications, credibility and presentation skills necessary for your case. We seek out and identify only the candidates best suited to achieving your litigation goals. Our service provides candidates with not only the necessary technical knowledge, but also the power to educate, inform, persuade and convince.

Over the years we have established a close working relationship with Penn Consulting Group in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a litigation support group specializing in forensic accounting and damages working in defense of corporate clients. That relationship has strengthened considerably and we now work as joint venture partners with PCG on various efforts.

RJI Expert service is built on relationship. Our method is to work in partnership with each client, taking all steps necessary to fully understand client needs and how they can be fulfilled. We then develop a strategic approach to each assignment based on our knowledge of client preferences. This process allows us to offer the widest possible range of candidates while simultaneously eliminating those without merit.