Career Acceleration / Strategic Career Planning

RJI has a history of providing a long term relationship with our candidates. In today’s complex and fragile job market many successful people need help and guidance navigating their prospective industry and determining what is best for their career. We have seen many candidates who have made questionable decisions that have proved costly in their advancement up the corporate ladder, i.e. wrong culture, incorrect skill set, weak niche/company are just a sample of what can lead to stagnation in a role for years.

By providing career guidance we can provide invaluable insight how to avoid these situations and ensure that they do not occur. In addition, our goal is to assist our hired candidates with tools to enhance their “career acceleration”. Our coaching assistance allows our successful candidates to leverage our experience to solve complex people and business issues. Many times when a person starts a new assignment or starts with a new company there is a learning curve associated. We help by walking our candidates through this process due to our intimate knowledge of the client and having seen what actions work and prove effective given our 25 years experience. Additionally, we provide our candidates with a career roadmap which allows them to focus on what they want to achieve and to choose the best path to do so. Sometimes hard choices must be made but proper planning can alleviate many of these hurdles once a career plan has been formulated. This form of professional counseling has proven very effective with our candidates and many are thriving in their new roles today.